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  • A. The apartment is not reserved until the full security deposit is paid.
    B. Should the application be denied, the deposit paid to reserve the apartment will be refunded.
    C. Upon approval of the application, the deposit is applied to move in costs and becomes non-refundable.
    D. I have signed an AUTHORIZATION TO RELEASE INFORMATION consent form and understand the Owners and their representatives may provide the form, as may be requested as evidence of my consent for release of required information.
    E. I the undersigned do hereby agree to all terms and conditions set forth within this Rental Application and do hereby authorize the Owners and their representatives to inquire into my background by contacting persons and firms I have listed and by the processing of a background credit rating and criminal history report that may be obtained by any firm of their choice.
  • I/we , the undersigned hereby authorize the entities listed below to release without liability, information regarding my/our employment, income and/or assets to gpm or charleston plantation apartments, a property management firm, for the purposes of verfying information i/we provided as part of my/our apartment rental application. I/we understand current and previous information may be required to confirm/verify personal identity, status of employment, current income, assets and any other information deemed pertinent to my/our renting an apartment. I/we understand the groups or individuals that may be asked to release information include, but are not limited to: • past and present employers • welfare agencies • veterans administration • current & previous landlords • state unemployment agencies • retirment systems • public housing agencies • social security administration • banks – financial institutions • support & alimony providers • medical & child care providers • personal references • mortgage holders • credit reporting agencies • collection agencies



Near Kroger Center, Off West Avenue (Highway 70), Across From Food City, Turn at Sherwin Williams Paint Center


85 Birchwood Lane, 
Crossville – TN 38555